Ironsworn – Nia of Wolfstead – Ep 13

[First off, I just realised I was using shield bearer wrong. I don’t get +1 in a clash, I get an extra +1 momentum in a clash if I get a hit. And I get a +1 for facing danger using the shield as cover! Oh well, looking back there was only one Clash that might have been different. The one were I didn’t save and lost my scores. That’s frustrating because now I’ll never know if it would have mattered and I shouldn’t have won that clash.]

[I’ll play it right from now on.]


Ironsworn – Nia of Wolfstead – Ep 12

Nia sits distraught in the long grass and cries. She’s still miles from Wolfstead and she’s failed to save Yag. As far as she knows both the Raiders and a pack of Varou are tracking her.

She pats Squall who looks at her and nuzzles her gently.

Carefully, wincingly she removes her armour and looks at her wounds as best she can. Then begins mixing up the grey-green mulch she uses that deadens pain and aids healing. She she smears it on herself she mentally plans out a route home.

[Heal is roll plus Wits (or Iron) and I’ll take +1 from herbalism. Rolled 6 vs 5 and 8. A weak hit. I’ll lose -1 supply. And take +2 health.]

Nia draws on a patch of ground with a stick to plan her next move more clearly. Squall listens in silence.

“If we’re here at Rich Fields it’s a couple of hours ride to the old farm near the grove. If we make that we can head more westerly. But let’s see what happens, hey?”

Squall says nothing.

“First I need to scrounge up sone supplies. You stay here.”

[Resupply is a roll plus Wits. I roll 8 vs 8 and 1. A weak hit. I’ll just take +1 supply with -1 momentum.]

Soon after Nia and Squall are headed out for the grove. Nia keeps a paranoid eye out for anything suspicious.

[Undertake journey is a Wits roll. I roll 8 vs 7 and 6. A strong hit.]

As Nia and Squall reach the farm at the grove from out of the cottage comes a ragged and thin old man. Hidden in the doorway is a middle aged frowning woman and a gaggle of younger people in their teens.

Nia knows the man by reputation only.

“Hello, Kynan”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Nia of Wolfstead, daughter of Lady Solana”

“Ride on, girl. And piss on Wolfstead.”

“Kynan, listen.”

Nia dismounts, better to show this man she regards him as an equal.

“I know you have no love for my mother, but your family is in danger. Let me stay a while and I’ll help you. You’ll need to hide yourselves away.”

[Compel is roll plus Heart. I roll 4 vs 6 and 1. A weak hit.]

After listening to Nia Kynan says

“You can come in a rest or whatever, but I want something from you I  return.”

Ironsworn – Nia of Wolfstead – Ep 11

Nia doesn’t even hear the initial attack. The Varou is too fast and attacks from the rear left flank.

Suddenly Squall makes a panicked noise and Nia feels Yag fall from behind her. She whirls around but it’s too late. Yag lays on the ground, her neck at an ugly angle and the Varou crouched over her, it’s claws and teeth exposed.

“Yag!” Nia shouts and wheels Squall around. She draws her sword.

It growls something in its own language. It’s wide wolfish eyes a mix of contempt and bloody rage. Nia feels movement to her side and at the last second sees a two more Varou drawing in.

[Enter the fray. I’m ambushed so its a roll plus Wits. And this is a pack of dangerous foes making them Formidable. Blimey, this might be the end! I roll 7 vs 7 and 8. A miss. On Pay The Price I get 46, a new danger or foe. More enemies is boring. I think the problem is something to do with Yag’s body.]

As the Varou outflank Nia neither of them notice as the body of Yag slowly and subtly begins to shift on the ground.

[Clash. I roll Iron with +1 for my shield. (Edit – this is an error). 3 vs 9 and 10. On Pay The Price I’ll take 3 harm. That leaves me on 2 health. I  need to Endure it. Roll with Health. I roll 3 vs 2 and 6. Weak hit. I press on.]

Varou leap at Nia from different angles, claws extended, rending against her. She staggers under the assault barely able to keep her shield and her balance.

The situation was dire now. Nia took a moment, looking for a gap in the Varou’s circling. She wants a chance to escape.

[I am fucked! Gonna try this and just let it. Secure an for advantage with Wits. I roll 8 vs 10 and 1. A weak hit. +1 momentum but the Yag situation gets worse.]

Nia sees a gap in the circling Varou. As she moves Squall to take it there is a sound from Yag’s body like wind through dry leaves, her corpse shifts and a stench of death fills the air. Nia feels something on her back, as if some intangible thing suddenly clings there.

She ignores the feeling and rides for the gap.

[Face danger with Edge, but with a +1 from Squall. Roll 4 vs 2 and 8. A weak hit.  I’ll take -1 supply]

Squall rears up and takes off through the gap in the circling Varou, off out across the countryside. Nia doesn’t remember until later that Yag had one of the supply packs.

For now the Varou give chase, barking and snarling. Nia presses Squall on as hard as she can. Hoping to reach Rich Fields where sure can lose them in the long grass.

[Another Face danger with Edge I think. With the +1 from Squall. I roll 7 vs 6 and 3. A strong hit. What a relief, that was close!]

At last, after a tense chase, they reach Rich Fields. Nia and Squall run deep into the grasses and eventually the sound of the Varou gets further and further away. Then nothing.

Ironsworn – Nia of Wolfstead – Ep 10

Nia and Yag are riding out back to Wolfstead, hoping to avoid the raiders.

The green rolling hills, and the sound of spring streams. But they don’t have time to linger.

“The farm is too obvious, they’ll be waiting for us there. I know were we can rest up, a curve in the river, it was one of the last places grandfather took me before he died.”

Yag smiles and says nothing. Nia rarely speaks of her grandfather, now he is deep in her thoughts.

[Troublesome journey. I’ll roll Wits plus +1 from the previous camp. 4 vs 8 and 8. A miss and a match. Oh dear. I’ll roll to see what the problem is. 49: a new danger or foe is revealed]

Ironsworn – Nia of Wolfstead – Ep 9

Nia and Yag settle down to make camp. Nia looks over Squall’s wounds while Yag tells her about her grandfather.

“I remember when Kazam left for the Shattered Wastes. Brave young men when they left, him and his friends, but your mother was just a child.  She didn’t understand why her father had to leave.”

Yag looks into the middle distance.

“She never really forgave him. I watched her young heart harden. And when he did return things were worse, your mother was ashamed, ashamed of his failure. She wouldn’t mourn him,  and you make her feel guilty because you did. Ha! Foolishness.”

Nia replies “I loved him, but what could mother do, she had Wolfstead to lead, and or family’s reputation to consider… anyway who could believe his stories.”

“About the underground temple? I’ll tell you this; I’ve looked into the eyes of many men, some mad, other liars. Your grandfather was neither.”

Nia looks away and silently tends to Squalls wounds.

[Heal is Wits and I can use my Herbalist ability. I’ll take +1 to the amount healed rather than the roll. 7 vs 6 and 10. A weak hit. So Squall will recover fully but I’m down to 4 supply]

Later Nia returns to their small camp after scouting, to give Yag and Squall time to recover.

“Those raiders will be ahead of us now. I’ve seen tracks here and there. They are looking for us. It won’t be easy to get back to Wolfstead. Especially with Squall carrying both of us. We’ll leave tomorrow.”

“We’re done for today then? Good! I made soup!” Yag cackles.

[Make camp is a supply test, which is currently 4. I roll 8 vs 4 and 2. Strong hit. I’ll take the +1 momentum and the +1 to the journey roll]

Ironsworn – Nia of Wolfstead – Ep 8

Nia mounts Squall and takes note of her surroundings. She can still hear the sounds of battle echoing off the ruin walls and see the flashes of brilliant light above the tops of walls.

She wheels Squall around and begins the frantic search for Yag.

[Ok hopefully the last Gather Info move for a while. Roll plus wits. 4 vs 4 and 7. A miss. Fuck that I’m burning my momentum. It’s 9 so that takes me back to my reset of 2 momentum and gives me a strong hit. That means my path is clear and I get +2 momentum, taking me to 4.]

Nia finds the now abandoned raider camp and rushes over to the still form lying on the ground. She removes the sack from the figure’s head and the old woman murmurs.

“Yag, thank gods you’re still alive!”

“Nia” her voice is weak but her words are not. “Get me out of here.”

Nia practically throws Yag onto Squall, climbs up and sets him straight into a gallop. Looking at the stars and navigating south out of the ruined city.

[I think, to escape here without further trouble will need a Face Danger with Edge roll. As I’m using Squall to escape I’ll take a +1. 5 vs 5 and 1. A weak hit. -1 health is an option, I’ll apply it to Squall]

As they ride hard away from the ruins Nia relaxes a little and glances back over her shoulder. At that moment Squall whinneys and stumbles for a moment, hurt. They’re under bow fire from the raiders, they must have realised she’d saved Yag. They are not mounted though and so cannot give chase.

[1 harm on Squall is two ticks. His health is now 3. Companion endure harm. Roll plus heart. 5 vs 7 and 8. Oh no! -2 momentum takes me back to 2 momentum. But i think thus ordeal was a milestone. So I’ll make progress on my current vow.]

Some hours later Nia leads  Squall, with Yag on his back.

“Girl, I’m hungry.”

“We’ll make camp soon, Yag . I promise. But stop calling me that!”

“Humph. We should eat now. Besides, there are things you need to hear”

“Huh?” Nia looks back at the crone.

“About your grandfather”


Ironsworn – Nia of Wolfstead – Ep 7

Nia smashes her shield into the fairy and drives it back into a ruined slab of stone, pinning it there. Then drives the point of her sword into where she thinks it is.

[End the fight. So I roll vs my progress against this fairy. 8 vs 9 and 3. A weak hit. I’ll take the harm. -2 harm drops my health to 3.]

Nia looks down at the crushed fairy as it’s light dims, flickers and fails. She turn to leave when she feels it.  A deep scorch mark across the armour on her stomach.

[I need to Endure Harm. Roll plus current health of 3. Rolled 7 vs 8 and 3. A weak hit. I press on.]